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Remembering Shiva Shankar

  • He was an inspiration in the field of art – Bhuban Chand (the leading actress of the Fist Nepalese Movie, Aama)
  • The great music composer of Nepal, Shiva Shankar is an epoch in the history of Nepalese music – Basudev Tripathi (Vice-Chancellor of Nepalese Academy)
  • Shiva Shankar was real gentleman. His polite, calm and descent personality precisely matched with his musical rhythms and notes. His had a real masculine voice, clear confident and moving- rarely found in other singers. More you listen to his music more you will discover the beauty. I wished such beautiful creations of god lived with us forever - Madhav Prasad Ghimire  (Poet and Lyricist)
  • There is a unique harmony of the eastern classical and the western modern styles in Shiva Shankar’s compositions. His melodies translate the emotions of heart and express the beauty of god's creation. His musical notes speak in the divine language, his songs reflect the life of an ordinary Nepali. – Basudev Tripathi (Vice Chancellor, Nepalese Academy)
  • Without Shiva Shankar Nepalese modern songs and music would not have developed to this stage. His musics reflect the inner soul of humanity. It may not taste instantly like sugar, you have to immerse yourself deep into its philosophy - Thakur Belbase (Poet)
  • Shiva Shankar is a synonym of modern Nepalese music. The philosophy of his music is above the petty political ideology. He created songs of Nepalese heart, so he was a beloved musician of all Nepali – Bhim Kharel (Writer)
  • He is the summit of Nepalese Music – Kiran Kharel (Lyricist)
  • Shiva Shankar is the Pillar of Nepalese Music – Nir Shah (Movie Director and Producer), Yadab Kharel (Lyricist)
  • Shiva Shankar’s contributuion was crucial in bringing modern music to the Golden Age - Haribansha Acharya (Comedian, Actor)
  • As an elder brother, Shiva Shankar used to teach us at his home. He introduced the Western style music for the first time. He is advanced among the artists. If it was not his contribution, Nepalese music would not have developed to this stage – Prem Dhwoj  (Singer)
  • I was a fan of his voice and singing style. I used to miss school to listen his songs over the radio. Shiva dai had more knowledge and better expertise on the technical aspects of music than any other contemporary music composers. He used to help in the recording of other artists too. Nepalese music has been very fortunate in that the two grand maestros Shiva Shankar and Nati Kaji worked together throughout their life in a single room and had an intimate friendship. Their office room was the temple of Nepalese music, we all including Prem Dwoj, Rubi Joshi, Kiran Kharel, Ram Man Trishit, Ratna Shamser, Tara Devi, Pushpa Nepali, Meera Rana, and others frequently gathered together there – Yogesh Vaidhya (Singer)
  • Shiva Shankar was connoisseur of classical, modern, folk and pop music. He inspired us to work for developing Nepalese music to the level of international standard – Shambhujeet Baskota (Music Composer)
  • It was Shiva Shankar who inspired many emerging artists like me to achieve the height of success – Prakash Shrestha (Singer)
  • I had opportunity to work and learn from him. He was a role model for us – Bulu Mukarung (Musician)
  • Shiva Shankar was the grammar of nepali music. We are following his footsteps – Raju Singh (Musician)
  • Shiva Shankar dai was the “master” of music – Ganesh Pariyar (Music Arranger)
  • Shiva Shankar and Nati Kaji are two immortal names in Nepalese music – Chetan Karki (Lyricist)
  • Shiva Shankar played the most important role in modernizing Nepalese music. A chapter of Nepalese modern music has come to end after Shiva Shankar’s demise – Dinesh Adhikari (Lyricist)
  • I sincerely appreciate his contribution in upbringing and encouraging new singers and musicians - Prof. Tulsi Dibas (Expert on Nepalese Culture)
  • We cannot pay back for his contribution – Daibagyaraj Neupane (Writer)
  • Shiva dai always admired my songs. Although of old generation, he used new styles in most of his music. His music has unique and original identity – Deep Shrestha (Singer)
  • Shiva Shankar is one of many musical artists who have contributed in bringing Nepalese music to the present grandiose form. I had a cordial relationship with him. I should not evaluate a public figure differently whom everybody has appraised as a musician – Amber Gurung (Music Composer)
  • His music has diversity as well as uniqueness. Nepalese music has been decorated with the essence of classical melodies by Shiva Shankar – Nupur Bhattacharya (Singer)
  • Shiva Shankar is too great to be described in worlds. His music throbbed my heart, stirred emotions, and inspired national pride – Fanindra Nepal (Social Worker)
  • As multitalented artist, he was equally polite, simple and helpful. I was very fortunate to learn from him – Bhupendra Rayamajhi (Music Composer)
  • His role in the historical movie Aama was pristine and life-like and unfathomable, unseen in the present day commercial movies – Madan Das Shrestha (Movie Artist)
  • Shiva Shankar appreciated my songs and their novel styles – Rajendra Thapa (Lyricist)
  • The style of Shiva Shankar’s music is popular among the young generation – Rajeshpayal Rai (Singer)
  • Music Composer plays very important role in making the songs popular. Most of my popular songs have been decorated by Shiva Shankar’s music. He was the soul of my songs. Shiva Shankar was not only a composer but also very expert in arranging orchestra and playing instruments. He used to inspire me to write in new styles – Ram Man Trishit (Lyricist)
  • Shiva Shankar was my reverent mentor (guru). He and Ram Man Shrestha "Trishit" gave me many beautiful songs – Rubi Joshi (Singer)
  • Speaking as an ordinary audience, I am always thrilled to listen to Shiva Shankar’s music and songs and I felt fortunate for it – Bijaya Chalise (Writer)
  • I used to sing Shiva Shankar’s songs on guitar. I was a fan of his personality and acting – Bishwo Basnet (Actor)
  • I consider Shiva Shankar as the summit of (Nepalese) music. His contribution in modern light music is immense – Shyamdas Baishnav (Writer)
  • At the time when the horizon was overwhelmed with foreign songs, Shiva Shankar created a main stream of Nepalese music inundated with uquique nepalese essence – Sudarshan Shrestha (Journalist)
  • Shiva dai was a vibrant composer, gave us so many thrilling songs – Hiranya Bhojpure (Singer)

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Statue of Shiva Shankar Manandhar, erected by Nepal Academy

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